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Commercial usage
Objective C/Swift/Android/Java/Kotlin/Dart (Flutter), TypeScript
Compatible with SWIFT (Objective C only)
Works with Document and RPC style web services
Supports inheritance in WSDL
Supports attributes in WSDL types
Supports of Single and multi WSDL files
Generate WS operations 50% 100% (all)
Generating async operations (Objective C/Swift/Java - Android only)
Supports binary stream data
Supports MTOM transfer (SOAP with attachments)
Supports DataSet and DataTable types (Android/Java only) (requires additional license for ExDataSet library
Customize generator output via Templates
Full support of values in the soap header (both parameters and return value)
Allows to use JodaTime library for date/time related properties (Android/Java only)
Full support of references in soap (classes with IsReference in WCF)
Supports enum types
Imports wsdl documentation (from annotation tags)
Data types support (date, numbers,etc)
Supports xsd:anyType
Supports <any> elements
Can repackage all libraries to use different package names
Basic support of WS-Addressing
Supports of Annotations (Android only)
Features (logging request/response)
Customer Support Basic Extended

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