Premium account benefits

Generate all WS operations

Free account should be threated like Demo version. Using it you can check if EasyWsdl works correctly with your web service. So for testing purposes EasyWsdl will generate 50% of your web service methods. For example: your web service has 20 operations, so in Free account you will have access to 10 and the rest are marked as "Not implemented". This should allows you to test if you can connect and send/retrieve the data. To have an access to all operations you should consider Premium account.

Commercial usage

Classes generated by Free account you should treat as a demo. By using them you can check if our generator works correctly with your webservice. For commercial usage, you need to buy a Premium account and generate your classes again. Premium account gives you a license to use generated classes in any project (including commercial)

Supports binary stream data

With Premium account you can invoke web service operations which uses binary data as a parameter or return value (base64Binary type in wsdl).

This feature is used when you are using Streaming in WCF

MTOM transfer (SOAP with attachments)

By default, binary data is converted to base64Binary or hexBinary XML data type within a SOAP envelope, meaning that the raw bytes are encoded as a String using base64 technique. The problem with this approach is that encoded data is ~33% larger than raw byte transmission. To solve this issue many web services supports MTOM transfer. We highly recommend to use MTOM transfer for large binary data.

Support for DataSet and DataTable types from .NET Framework

Many web services created in .NET Framework uses a special types for transferring data like DataSet and DataTable. Unfortunately these types are not interopable so you cannot easily consume this web service in any other platform except Windows. Our company has created ExDataSet library for transferring DataSet and DataTable types on Android (Java) platform and of course we have added support for this library to our generator. By selecting a special option when you generate classes for web service with DataSet type, you will get proxy classes with ExDataSet library integrated.

IMPORTANT! Except Premium account, this option requires a separate license for ExDataSet library.

Customize generator output via Templates

Templates allow you to save the generator settings and easily reuse them later. Also you can customize your generated classes by changing their names or add comments to their members.

Let's imagine that you generate classes based on your WSDL file but some classes and fields have strange (not readable) names, for example: ArrayOfKeyValueOfAccountTypePaymentAccountTypeGn5dSjJU_KeyValueOfAccountTypePaymentAccountTypeGn5dSj. By using Templates, you can easily rename this name to something more user-friendly, like ArrayOfKeyValueOfAccountTypePayment. Every time when you choose this Template in the generator page, you will have this nice class name in your output.

This feature is in BETA state

Allows to use JodaTime library for date/time related properties (Android only)

JodaTime is a external library for date/time operations. This is a best way of handling dates operation in your application. We strongly recommend to generate proxy classes using it. Free users can decide if they want to use JodaTime or standard Java Date.

Imports WSDL documentation

WSDL file can have a description of some/all operations, parameters, types etc. In Premium account you can import this documentation to your generated classes and because of this it will be easier to use them.

Addidional features

Premium account adds additional features into generated classes like:

  • Logging - you can write request/response data to system console. This will help you to debug your WS.

Repackage libraries

Allows you to repackage all libraries used by generated classes. Some devices (for example HTC M8) use older version of ksoap2 library. In this case you cannot use the latest version of this library on that devices (classes generated by EasyWSDL requires the latest version). Exception caused by this issue looks like this: One solution is to change a package name in the latest version of the libraries and use this modified version instead of original one. Now EasyWSDL can repackage all used libraries automatically therefore you can be sure that your application will work on any devices.
org.ksoap2.serialization ->
Use this option only if you know what you are doing! Please contact us if you have more questions about this.

This feature is in the BETA state

Extended Support

We offer two types of the support:

  • Basic - you can report any bug in the generated code. It will be fixed in the future releases.
  • Extended - you can report any bug in the generated code. It will be fixed ASAP (requests from Premium users have the highest priority). We can also customize code for your needs or add some non standard features. Additionally you will get a help with implementing web services in your application.
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