Generate java classes for Android, Dart/Flutter Java,Kotlin, TypeScript or Objective-C and Swift classes for iOS and save your time. Forget about WSDL files and focus on your application. Using this tool, you can easily consume any SOAP Web service (for example .NET WCF or ASMX services).



We have added a new TypeScript language to our generator. It supports almost all features you can find in other languages.


We have introduced a new Java generator which doesn't use Ksoap2 library. In the future, this will be a recommended easyWSDL generator for Java.

Supported languages


Why us?

Our company specializes in SOAP web services. We’ve been using WS on most popular platforms (Android, iOS, WP7/8, .NET) for many years. We are also contributors in ksoap2 project which is a SOAP client library for android. Our company also uses easyWSDL to generate classes for our fitness application BodyArchitect (we have application for Android, iOS and PC). So it is very important for us that easyWSDL produces code which is tested on different devices, secure and works very fast. Our engine is constantly improved and we have a rapid release schedule (a few times a day if needed).

Don’t invent the wheel – create a car and wheels we provide.

Simplify your life

Drastically reduce cost and speed up your development. Creating code for connecting to the Web Service takes about 3 weeks* for one developer. It is very difficult to ensure that your code will work on many different devices with different internet access. Implementing correct exception handling is also a challenge. Don’t waste your time and money. Focus on your application and we will do what we do best.

*Depends on the complex of WS and developer skills

Developed with passion
  • Supports inheritance in WSDL
  • Supports of Single and multi WSDL files
  • Tested on very complex and not typical web services
Supported data types
  • Supports binary stream data
  • Supports nullable and not nullable types
  • Supports enum types (also Flag enums) and xsd:anyType
  • Supports dictionary/HashMap types
Supports complex WSDL
  • Full support of values in the soap header (both parameters and return value)
  • Supports attributes in WSDL types
  • Basic support of WS-Addressing
Supports even more complex WSDL
  • Full support of references in soap (classes with IsReference in WCF)
  • Works with Document and RPC style web services
  • Supports <any> elements in WSDL
Advanced features
  • Supports MTOM transfer (SOAP with attachments)
  • Supports DataSet and DataTable types (Android/Java only) (requires additional license for ExDataSet library
  • Generating async operations (Android, Objective C, Swift, Dart/Flutter)
Platform specific
  • Allows to use JodaTime library for date/time related properties (Android/Java only)
  • Compatible with SWIFT (Objective C only)
  • Can repackage all libraries to use different package names (Java/Android/Kotlin)
  • Annotations supports (Android)

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