DataSet implementation for Android/Java platform

This Android/Java library allows you to send and retrieve DataSet and DataTable objects from the .NET Framework SOAP web service. It supports full DataSet schema therefore you will be able to send any DataSet from your Android application.

Of course our EasyWSDL generator fully supports this library in Premium account therefore without any works from your side, you can generate proxy classes with DataSet supports (separate license for ExDataSet library is still required)


Keep in mind that this library IS NOT a full implementation of DataSet on Android platform. It doesn't support checking integrity, forcing constraints, calculating expressions etc. The main purpose for using this library is to send (retrieve) complex DataSet to web service. Nothing more nothing less.


Currently, we are in the middle with internal beta tests of this component. If you would like to join to our Early Access Program and help us with this task, please contact us at info[at]

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