Custom web service development

SOAP web services is a quite complex technology. It contains many specifications like:

Of course there are much more technologies related with SOAP web services. The problem is that most mobile platforms don't fully supports SOAP web services and some of them don't support this technology at all. So in most cases, connecting your mobile application with SOAP web service is a nightmare. In the past there was no easy way to add SOAP communication in iOS or Android device. Our company decided to change this situation and we've created online generator. By using this tool you can easly create a code which allows you to connect to your web service from Android or iOS device.

For most customers the generator is everything they need, but of course it doesn't support entire SOAP protocol (with all specifications), because this technology is too complex. Our company specialised in web service development. We love SOAP, WSDL and everything which is related with this. If you have a special needs and our generator is not enough then we are ready to help you.


If you need use WS-Security standards in your Android app, please contact us. Our company currently is working on WS-Security implementation for Android.