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Generate java classes for Android, Java or Objective-C classes for iOS and save your time. Forget about WSDL files and focus on your application. Using this tool you can easly consume any SOAP Web service (for example .NET WCF or ASMX services).

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News: We have released a BETA version of Swift generator. Now you can convert your WSDL file directly to SWIFT classes!

Android: Now you can add Parcelable interface implementation to all your Android classes.

Over 10 000 customers

Over 10 000 developers world-wide already trust EasyWSDL. When you choose EasyWSDL you can rely on our many years of experience in SOAP Web services and mobile development.

Works with thousands of web services

We want to be always the best. We want our generator works with EVERY web service on Earth! EasyWSDL has been tested on huge number of real (production) web services.

Many years of development saved

Creating good code for web service communications takes weeks for developer to finish this task. EasyWSDL has already saved thousands of hours of our customers.

Most advanced wsdl generator for mobile devices

EasyWSDL supports most existing web services and WSDL constructions. No matter if your WS is Document or RPC style, uses enums or different namespaces. We can handle this easly!

Incredible support

Our developers are here for you. Don't waste your time with fighting with SOAP protocol or issues you find in generated classes. We should do this for you, so don't hesitate to use our support.

Create better software

EasyWSDL generates code which uses the best coding standard, uses latest technologies and it is used in many applications out there. Basically it works pretty well. Do you want to reinvent the wheel?

Unlimited access

You can generate classes as many times as you want. Code can be used in any project - open source or commercial and you can freelly modify it.

Start today

Use Free account to test if our solution works with your web service. We are sure they will!

Simplify your life

Drastically reduce cost and speed up your development. Creating code for connecting to the Web Service takes about 3 weeks* for one developer. It is very difficult to ensure that your code will work on many different devices with different internet access. Implementing correct exception handling also is a challenge. Don’t waste your time and money. Focus on you application and we will do what we do best.

*Depends on the complex of WS and developer skills


Our generator supports all wsdl standard elements and WCF extensions. For Android we use ksoap2-android library and for iOS we use KissXML

# Name
1 Supports inheritance in WSDL
2 Supports binary stream data
3 Full support of values in the soap header (both parameters and return value)
4 Allows to use JodaTime library for date/time related properties (Android/Java only)
5 Generating async operations (Android/Objective C/Swift)
6 Full support of references in soap (classes with IsReference in WCF)
7 Supports of Single and multi WSDL files
8 Supports enum types (also Flag enums) and xsd:anyType
9 Supports nullable and not nullable types
10 Supports attributes in WSDL types
11 Tested on very complex and not typical web services
12 Works with Document and RPC style web services
13 Supports MTOM transfer (SOAP with attachments)
14 Supports DataSet and DataTable types (Android/Java only) (requires additional license for ExDataSet library )
15 Compatible with SWIFT (Objective C only)
16 Basic support of WS-Addressing
17 Supports <any> elements in WSDL
18 Can repackage all libraries to use different package names

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Why us?

Our company specializes in SOAP web services. We’ve been using WS on most popular platforms (Android, iOS, WP7/8, .NET) for many years. We are also contributors in ksoap2 project which is a SOAP client library for android. Our company also uses EasyWSDL to generate classes for our fitness application BodyArchitect (we have application for Android, iOS and PC). So it is very important for us that EasyWSDL produces code which is tested on different devices, secure and works very fast. Our engine is constantly improved and we have rapid release schedule (a few times a day if needed).

Don’t invent the wheel – create a car and wheels we provide.